Wiley X WX P-17 CAPTIVATE Polarized Red Mirror Lens, P-17RM

Wiley X WX P-17 CAPTIVATE Polarized Red Mirror Lens, P-17RM



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Introducing the Wiley X WX P-17 CAPTIVATE Polarized Red Mirror Lens, P-17RM, a timeless classic in our Active Lifestyle series that continues to exceed expectations year after year. Engineered for versatility and performance, the P-17 seamlessly blends simplicity with functionality to deliver a sleek and sporty eyewear solution.

Sleek Design: The P-17 features a traditional rectangular lens shape that exudes classic style, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate timeless design.

Comfortable Fit: Designed to fit most face shapes and sizes, the P-17 boasts a light-weight, dual-injected nose bridge and temple arms, ensuring all-day wearability without sacrificing comfort or security.

Safety Standards: Meeting ANSI Z87.1 safety standards for optical clarity and high mass/high velocity impact protection, the P-17 offers unparalleled safety and peace of mind.

CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Red Mirror Lens: Elevate your visual experience with the revolutionary CAPTIVATE™ lens technology, which filters out harmful light while enhancing colors and contrasts to increase clarity. The Polarized Red Mirror Lens equalizes the visible light spectrum, enhancing greens while keeping most colors neutral. It reduces glare across reflective surfaces and highlights contrasts and colors in outdoor environments.

High-Performance: Whether you’re facing intense sun, engaging in outdoor sporting activities, or enjoying deep-water fishing, the P-17 ensures optimal performance in various lighting conditions. Its ability to reduce excess blue light (HEV) reflected by water makes it ideal for deep-water fishing adventures.

Ultimate Protection: The P-17 provides 100% UVA/UVB protection with distortion-free clarity, ensuring your eyes remain shielded from harmful UV rays and blue light (HEV). Additionally, it features an anti-reflective coating, oleophobic coating, and T-SHELL™ scratch-resistant coating for enhanced durability and maintenance.

Shatterproof Selenite™ Polycarbonate Lenses: Crafted from shatterproof Selenite™ polycarbonate, the lenses offer superior impact protection, further reinforcing the P-17’s commitment to safety and reliability.

Versatile Usage: Whether you’re engaging in outdoor activities, driving during the day, or simply enjoying the sunshine, the P-17 is your go-to eyewear companion, offering uncompromised performance and style.

Experience the pinnacle of eyewear technology with the Wiley X WX P-17 CAPTIVATE Polarized Red Mirror Lens, P-17RM. Elevate your visual performance and redefine your expectations of sunglasses with this exceptional eyewear solution.