Frame size:

If you have an old frame, use it as a guide for sizing. If you like the feel of your old glasses, look on the inner part of the temples (arms) of the glasses or the inner part of the bridge. You will see something that looks like this: 53-17-140. Those numbers represent the lens width, the bridge, and the temple length in millimeters, respectively.

If you don’t currently have a frame, use this general guide to pare down your options.



small frame 120 mm or less
medium 121mm to 130mm
Large 131 and up

frame width

Why blue light protection? 

Our bodies are uniquely designed to block UV light (400nm and lower) from entering the eye by the cornea and crystalline lens. However, there is no such natural blocking mechanism for high-energy visible, or blue light (400nm to 500nm). Studies have linked long term exposure to blue light to macular degeneration, sleep disorders (by lowering the amount of melatonin your body produces), headaches,  blurred vision, and fatigue.

Blue light also has many beneficial characteristics that we must keep in mind. It helps us to see colors along the visible spectrum, it helps to regulate our circadian rhythm, and it keeps us alert.

The need for some protection comes from the constant exposure. As the use of devices that emit blue light have become more commonplace, we are exposed not only to naturally occurring blue light (from the sun), but also artificial sources (i.e. cellphones, tablets, other LED light sources).

Our goal is to provide a solution that allows you to wear the glasses all the time, if needed, while allowing your eyes to still benefit from blue light. The lenses we use for your glasses are specifically engineered to block 48% of blue light in the 380nm to 500nm range. This balance allows for beneficial blue light to enter.



Getting your PD


If you have a prescription you would like us to fill, you will need your pupillary distance (PD). Here’s how you can get it:•  Check to see if it is already written on your prescription.

• Use one of many free apps to measure.

We’ve found success testing the following apps:
eyemeasure icon

EyeMeasure (iOS only)


glasseson app

GlassesOn (iOS or Android)

google play button