Wiley X WX OZONE Matte Charcoal Grey Fade Frame, CCOZN06F

Wiley X WX OZONE Matte Charcoal Grey Fade Frame, CCOZN06F



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Wiley X WX OZONE Matte Charcoal Grey Fade Frame, CCOZN06F – a striking fusion of contemporary style and advanced functionality, tailored for the modern adventurer. Elevate your outdoor experiences with this uniquely designed eyewear model that seamlessly blends a matte charcoal grey fade with cutting-edge features.

The Matte Charcoal Grey Fade Frame of the WX OZONE not only makes a bold fashion statement but also showcases the rugged durability necessary for active pursuits. With rubberized temples and nose pads, this eyewear ensures a secure and comfortable fit, allowing you to focus on the thrill of your adventures without compromise.

At the core of the WX OZONE’s design is the innovative CLICK A.I.R (Air Intake Regulator) gasket. This removable feature, combined with a quick-click ventilation system, empowers you to regulate airflow and eliminate fogging with ease. Navigate through challenging terrains and changing conditions, confident that your vision remains clear and protected.

Maintaining its lightweight Triloid™ Nylon construction, the Matte Charcoal Grey Fade Frame version offers optimal comfort, making it the ideal companion for dynamic lifestyles. Whether you’re exploring trails, scaling heights, or engaging in outdoor activities, the WX OZONE is designed to keep up with your every move.

For added convenience, this eyewear model includes a button temple tip strap, leash cord, and a protective case. Note that lenses are not included, giving you the flexibility to customize your eyewear with lenses that suit your specific needs.

Prescription-ready, the WX OZONE ensures that those requiring corrective lenses can tailor their eyewear for a personalized experience. Locate a Wiley X partner near you through our Dealer Locator to connect with an expert optician capable of meeting your prescription needs.


  • Product Name: Wiley X WX OZONE Matte Charcoal Grey Fade Frame, CCOZN06F
  • Brand Name: Wiley X
  • Style: WX OZONE

Frame Features:

  • Matte Charcoal Grey Fade finish for a contemporary and stylish look
  • Rubberized nose pads and temples for a secure fit
  • Removable CLICK A.I.R Gasket for wind and debris protection
  • Lightweight Triloid™ Nylon Frame for enduring comfort
  • Button temple tip strap and leash cord for added convenience
  • Case for secure storage

Prescription Ready:

  • Can be fitted with prescription lenses for personalized eyewear solutions

Embrace the Wiley X WX OZONE Matte Charcoal Grey Fade Frame, where aesthetics meet innovation, and embark on your adventures with confidence and distinctive style.