Wiley X WX ENZO Clear Lens / Matte Black Frame, CCENZ01

Wiley X WX ENZO Clear Lens / Matte Black Frame, CCENZ01



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Step into the realm of unparalleled style and protection with the Wiley X WX ENZO Clear Lens / Matte Black Frame, CCENZ01 – a testament to sophistication fused with uncompromising durability. Engineered with meticulous attention to detail and designed to accompany you on every adventure, these glasses redefine what it means to blend fashion with functionality.

At the heart of the WX ENZO lies a commitment to both comfort and performance. The discreet rubber linings adorning the inner temples ensure a snug and secure fit, even during the most rigorous activities. This innovative feature not only enhances comfort but also provides peace of mind, allowing you to focus wholeheartedly on your endeavors.

But it doesn’t stop there. The WX ENZO is equipped with Wiley X’s patented Facial Cavity™ Seal, a revolutionary technology that creates a protective barrier against dust, dirt, and other airborne irritants. Say goodbye to discomfort and distraction – with this seal in place, your eyes are shielded from external elements, allowing you to maintain clarity of vision regardless of the environment.

Designed to meet and exceed stringent safety standards, the WX ENZO is built to withstand the most demanding conditions. From high velocity/high mass impacts to optical clarity, these glasses have undergone rigorous testing to ensure your protection is never compromised. With shatterproof selenite™ polycarbonate lenses and a T-shell™ lens coating that resists scratching even in the harshest environments, the WX ENZO is a true testament to durability and reliability.

But let’s talk about performance. The grey lenses of the WX ENZO offer more than just style – they provide maximum glare reduction without sacrificing color perception. Whether you’re navigating bright light conditions or tackling the great outdoors, these lenses ensure optimal visibility while blocking 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. With distortion-free clarity and scratch-resistant layers, the WX ENZO delivers an unparalleled visual experience, allowing you to see the world with unparalleled clarity.

But the benefits don’t end there. The Wiley X Enzo package comes complete with a matte black frame, removable facial cavity™ seal, black zippered clamshell case, leash cord with rubber temple grips, microfiber cleaning cloth, and instruction card. Meeting stringent eyewear standards such as AS/NZS 1067:2003 and ANSI Z87.1:2010, these glasses are ready to accompany you on every adventure, providing unparalleled style, comfort, and protection every step of the way.

With a size guide catering to medium to large head sizes and specifications boasting an eye size of 64, DBL of 15, and temple length of 125, the Wiley X WX ENZO Clear Lens / Matte Black Frame, CCENZ01, is more than just eyewear – it’s a statement. Elevate your style, enhance your performance, and embark on your next adventure with confidence, knowing that the WX ENZO has you covered every step of the way.