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ArmouRX 250 Side Shield, meticulously engineered to complement the ArmouRx 7404 Prescription Safety Glasses and enhance their protective capabilities. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these clear side shields offer essential protection against a variety of workplace hazards, ensuring optimal safety for your eyes in demanding environments.

Enhanced Protection: The AX-250 Side Shield seamlessly integrates with the AX-7404 model, providing extended coverage to shield your eyes from potential workplace dangers. Whether you’re working in construction, manufacturing, or any other industrial setting, these side shields offer vital protection against flying debris, dust, and other hazards.

Impact-Resistant Construction: Engineered with premium materials, the ArmouRX 250 Side Shield delivers exceptional impact resistance to withstand high-velocity impacts. Built to endure rigorous conditions, these side shields provide robust protection, ensuring your eyes remain shielded from harm even in the most demanding work environments.

Chemical Resistance: Resistant to lens cleaning chemicals, the AX-250 Side Shield maintains its clarity and integrity over time. With resistance to cracking, crazing, and other forms of damage, these side shields retain their effectiveness and durability through repeated cleaning and use, providing long-lasting protection for your eyes.

Versatile Attachment Options: The ArmouRX 250 Side Shield offers versatility with both removable and permanent attachment options. The removable side shield can be effortlessly detached for added convenience, while the permanent version features a molded design for secure and permanent attachment to the frame. Choose the attachment method that best suits your preferences and requirements for maximum flexibility.

Trusted Brand: As part of the armouRx brand, the ArmouRX 250 Side Shield embodies a commitment to quality, safety, and reliability. Each side shield undergoes stringent testing to ensure compliance with industry standards, offering peace of mind knowing your eyes are protected by trusted and dependable safety eyewear accessories.

Product Type: Classified as side shields, the ArmouRX 250 Side Shield is specifically engineered to complement and enhance the protective capabilities of your ArmouRx 7404 model. Offering additional coverage and assurance, these clear side shields elevate the safety and functionality of your eyewear in any work environment.

Elevate the protective capabilities of your ArmouRx 7404 Prescription Safety Glasses with the ArmouRX 250 Side Shield. Designed to provide superior protection, durability, and versatility, these clear side shields keep your eyes safe and secure, ensuring optimal safety in any workplace scenario.