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ArmouRX 222 Side Shield 7012 Clear, meticulously crafted to provide reliable protection for your ArmouRx 7012 Prescription Safety Glasses. Engineered with durability and safety in mind, these impact-resistant side shields offer unparalleled defense against workplace hazards, ensuring your eyes remain shielded from potential dangers throughout your workday.

Custom Fit: Tailored specifically for the AX-7012 model, the AX-222 side shield seamlessly integrates with your safety glasses, delivering a custom fit that enhances both comfort and safety. Enjoy optimal coverage without compromising on style or functionality.

Impact Resistance: Constructed from premium materials, the ArmouRX 222 Side Shield boasts exceptional impact resistance, effectively safeguarding your eyes from debris, dust, and other potential hazards commonly encountered in various work environments. With its robust design, it offers dependable protection for long-lasting durability.

Chemical Resistant: Engineered to withstand exposure to lens cleaning chemicals, these clear side shields maintain their clarity and integrity even after repeated cleaning sessions. Their chemical-resistant properties ensure longevity and reliability, making them ideal for use in demanding work environments where safety is paramount.

Removable or Permanent: The ArmouRX 222 Side Shield is available in both removable and permanent options, providing flexibility to suit your preferences. The removable side shield can be easily detached for convenience, while the permanent side shield is molded to be permanently attached to the frame. Choose the option that best fits your needs for added convenience and versatility.

Brand Assurance: As a trusted brand in safety eyewear, armouRx prioritizes quality and reliability in all its products. The ArmouRX 222 Side Shield undergoes rigorous testing to meet stringent safety standards, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your eyes are protected by trusted eyewear accessories.

Product Type: Classified as side shields, the ArmouRX 222 Side Shield 7012 Clear is specifically designed to complement and enhance the protective capabilities of your ArmouRx 7012 Prescription Safety Glasses, offering additional coverage and peace of mind during your workday.

Enhance the safety and functionality of your ArmouRx 7012 Prescription Safety Glasses with the ArmouRX 222 Side Shield 7012 Clear, combining superior protection, durability, and versatility to keep your eyes safe in any work environment.