ArmouRX 217 SIDE SHIELD 7006/7007 CLEAR

ArmouRX 217 SIDE SHIELD 7006/7007 CLEAR

217 SIDE SHIELD 7006/7007 CLEAR

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ArmouRx 217 Side Shield, meticulously engineered to provide unparalleled protection and versatility for users of ArmouRx 7006 and 7007 Prescription Safety Glasses. Crafted with precision from impact-resistant material, this clear side shield offers robust defense against various workplace hazards, ensuring your eyes remain shielded from potential dangers while maintaining optimal visibility.

Superior Protection: The ArmouRx 217 Side Shield offers superior protection against a wide range of workplace hazards, including flying debris, dust, and other airborne particles. Its impact-resistant construction ensures reliable defense for your eyes, allowing you to work confidently in demanding environments.

Durable Design: Engineered for durability, the ArmouRx 217 Side Shield is resistant to lens cleaning chemicals and designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. Its robust construction ensures longevity and sustained performance, providing consistent protection and clarity throughout your workday.

Removable or Permanent Attachment: This side shield offers versatile attachment options to suit your preferences and requirements. Choose between a removable or permanent side shield configuration based on your needs. The removable option allows for easy detachment and replacement, while the permanent attachment option ensures a secure and enduring installation.

Effortless Installation: Installing the ArmouRx 217 Side Shield is quick and straightforward, allowing you to enhance the protective capabilities of your safety glasses with minimal effort. Follow the provided instructions to attach the side shield securely to the frame, ensuring a snug fit for optimal protection.

Universal Compatibility: Designed specifically for use with ArmouRx 7006 and 7007 models, the AX-217 clear side shield may also be compatible with other safety glasses models, providing versatile protection options for a wide range of users.

Elevate your safety eyewear with the ArmouRx 217 Side Shield and experience enhanced eye protection and comfort in the workplace. With its durable construction, versatile attachment options, and superior protective capabilities, this clear side shield is an essential addition to your safety gear collection.